8th Cross Days from 26 until 27 October 2019

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Safety, Supporting Programme and Refreshments

  • Safety

    Here are a few safety tips. Please read this carefully!

    • Gloves will help keep you safe from injury when getting through the course
    • No mp3 players – so you and the other participants don't get injured– and keep in mind, you will be getting wet!
    • Do not wear anything on your body that could lead to an injury, such as jewelry or watches.
    • Do not wear your best running gear: you might end up with a hole or two.


  • Supporting Programme

    There will once again be an extensive supporting programme for the whole family as part of the Cross Days!

    A Music Truck on Saturday and Sunday will get things moving and will entertain the wild adults, youth and kids who will not be participating on any events.

    MC Gross Glienicke will again be offering drinks and refreshments for the spectators with a morning breakfast, lunch, cake, and a variety of drinks.

    You can all look forward to a fun weekend program in the area called Döberitzer Heide.

    Be sure not to miss cheering on the little Bambini Challenger (4 to 10-year-olds) at 10 am on Saturday and 9 am on Sunday on their own 500m obstacle course. You can register kids for the Bambini Challenge on both days up to 30 minutes before the races begin.

  • Spectators

    Spectators will not be allowed along the course (anywhere outside of the start/finish area). There will be a fun programme to entertain the spectators in the start/finish area.


  • Refreshments

    For courses over 6K, there will refreshments offered along the course. There will be refreshments in the start/finish area for all events. The finish area will have more extensive food and drink, including Erdinger Alkoholfrei.

    In addition, there will be catering from 8 am to 5 pm at the event venue near the start and finish. We will be offering breakfast (open sandwiches on rolls) and later warm meals, as well. There will be enough of everything to keep both the athletes and spectators strong enough for the day's events. 

  • Showers and toilets

    Showers will be available.

    There will be sufficient port-a-potties in the start/finish area.

  • Changing Areas

    There will be a limited number of changing tents for men and women.

    They will not be attended and there are no lockers.

  • Valuables

    For 5€, you can securely store your valuables (keys, cell phones, wallets, luggage) in a secure and supervised area.

  • Medical Supervision

    The Medical Team of SCC EVENTS and a first aid organisation will be providing medical support.

    The medical team at hand is both authorised and required to remove any athletes from the event who appear to be suffering from injuries or overexhaustion. 

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