8th Cross Days from 26 until 27 October 2019

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Infos about the registration

  • Entry fees

    Cross Country

    Adults Youth / Students (2000 and later)
    1-500 18,00 €* 12,00 €
    501 - 1,000
    20,00 €*
    14,00 €
    late registration
    23,00 €* 17,00 €

    Youth Challenge

     Youth (2008 - 2002)
    19,00 Euros
    151-250  22,00 Euros

    Late registration on Saturday 26, 2019: 22,00 Euros (as long the participant limit has not been reached)

    Cross Challenge

    Registrations Sprint Registrations Pink Registrations Black
    1 - 150 Sold out 30,00 € 1 - 300 Sold out 40,00 € 1 - 300 50,00 €
    151 - 300 Sold out 35,00 € 301 - 600 55,00 € 301 - 600 65,00 €
    301 - 1000 40,00 € 601 - 1000 65,00 € 601 - 1000 75,00 €
    Late registration
    40,00 € Late registration
    65,00 € Late registration
    75,00 €
  • Registration Deadline

    Registration deadline is October 14, 2019 (as long as the limit has not been reached). No registration with postmark on October 11 or later will be accepted. Online registration will close before the limit has been reached.

    For information about the limit of participation and late registration, see the respective links.

  • Race Kit

    Race material pick-up is possible:

     Saturday, October 26, 2019
    Sunday, October 27, 2019
    (for the Sunday events only)

    08:00 a.m. - 13:00 p.m.
     08:00 a.m. - 30 min before each start

     on the venue of MC Groß Glienicke.

    You can register your kids for the Bambini Challenge there too.


    Please read and sign the liabilty waiver and bring it with you to the pick-up.

  • Late Registration

    Late Registration is possible*:

     Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019
     Sunday, Oct. 27, 2019
     08:00 a.m.- 12.15 p.m.
    08:00 a.m.  - until 30 minutes before each start

    *as long as the limit of participation has not yet been reached.

  • Changing disciplines

    There is a 5€ fee for changing disciplines.

  • Safe bag storage

    For 5€, you can securely store your valuables (keys, cell phones, wallets, luggage) in a secure and supervised area.

  • Awards & Ceremonie

    Cross Country:
    The award ceremony will take place directly after the event.

    Youth Challenge:
    The top three girls and boys will be honoured on the stage and will receive a prize.
    The award ceremonies will take place directly after the end of the event.

    Challenge Discipline:
    The 1st places in each categorie will be awarded.
    The award ceremonies will take place directly after each event.

    You can also download and print a certificate with your time and ranking within the result list on the website.

  • The golden ball

    The participants of the Pink Challenge 10km and the Black Challenge 19 km will get a golden ball before the race starts.

    Write your race number with an edding on the golden ball and take this with you on the course.

    On a secret spot through the course is a “goldmine”/ throwing point for the golden ball, here you have to throw in your golden ball with the written race number on it.

    All the participants who are throwing the ball in the goldmine are taking automatically part in the draw. The main winnings have a value of around 200 €.
    The winners will be announced on Monday after the event on the SCC EVENTS Facebook page and  will be contact by mail.

  • Limit of participation

    Cross Country - 1,000 participants

    Sprint Challenge - 1,000 participants

    Youth Challenge - 500 participants

    Black Challenge - 1,000 participants

    Pink Challenge - 1,000 participants

  • Time Limits

    Spring Challenge - 1 Stunde

    Pink Challenge - 2 Stunden

    Black Challenge - 4 Stunden

  • Refunds and transfers

    SCC EVENTS registrations are non-refundable (see §3 paragraph 5) and non-transferable.

    Only individuals who have officially registered are permitted to participate in races organized by SCC EVENTS.

    Running without an official registration or "running for someone else"  is a violation of the terms and conditions for a participation in SCC EVENTS competitions (§ 3 paragraph 4) and will result in disqualifiacation.


  • Timekeeping / Chips / Chip Return

    Timekeeping will be kept using the ChampionChip!

    The ChampionChip is a plastic transponder that is affixed to the running shoe and provides individual timekeeping.

    The following 4 options exist:

    1. Chip owners: Provide your personal ChampionChip number when you register (7-digit letter and number combination).
    2. Chip purchase:  Order your personal chip when you register:
    • Purchase price: 31.00 Euros
    • The cost will automatically be booked from your account together with your registration fee. 
    • We will store your data in our system.
    • The chip will be sent automatically in the mail.
    • The chip can be used at numerous other running events.


         3. Chip Rental:

    • Select chip rental when you register
    • One-time rental fee of 6 Euros
    • Chip must be returned at the latest 2 hours after the end of the event.

    • 4. Chip Rental with option to purchase:
    • Select chip rental when you register
    • One-time rental fee of 6 Euros
    •  1) Cross Country, Sielmann Youth, Cross Challenge TEST THE DIRT Lane: 4 Euros
    •  2) Cross Challenge PINK & BLACK Lane: 6 Euros
    • If you do not return the chip after the event  -> automatically changes to purchase option!
    • 25 Euros (difference between the chip rental already paid and the regular purchase price) will automatically be booked from the account provided.

    Chip Return: The chip return centres are located at six different spots at the finish area that will be open until about 4:00 pm. If the Chip is not returned by 4:00 pm, it will be considered purchased (see point 4)

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